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Alexis - Blow to pop and Sit to pop in the 22nd floor

Alexis, Bounce, Blow to Pop
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Hold onto your hats for an exhilarating popping adventure with Alexis! In this heart-pounding video, Alexis fearlessly tackles a unique challenge from the 22nd floor. Armed with determination and a playful spirit, she employs both blow-to-pop and sit-to-pop techniques to conquer a series of balloons. The stunning backdrop of the urban skyline adds an extra layer of excitement to this high-rise escapade. From the breath-holding moments of anticipation to the explosive bursts of colorful fun, Alexis delivers a popping performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss this thrilling display of skill and courage in "Alexis - Blow to Pop and Sit to Pop in the 22nd Floor" - an adventure that takes balloon popping to new heights!


Lenght: 19 minutes